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Wellness Coaching

True wellness is more than just physical health. Discover a wellness-focused lifestyle with personalized coaching!

Essential Oil Starter Kits

Start your Health Journey with a this 12 essential oil kit! Recommend for anyone ready to start living a non toxic lifestyle.

Coaching Services

Work with me one on one in addressing health issues, depression, anxiety, stress, skin issues, balancing hormones, and more! These session are 100% tailored to you! I will create a treatment plan and work with your step by step to achieve your goals.

Norwex Cleaning

Norwex is one of my amazing partners in bringing you safer, heather, non toxic items into your lifestyle. They make living with less chemicals easy!


One on One Coaching

Where your goals are my goals


Targeted Wellness Program

This program is for individuals looking to heal a trageted area. This can be things like getting off depression medication, acne, balancing emotions, hormones imbalance, eczema, and more.

I work one on one with you to set up a treatment plan, help you set small manageble goals to achieve the end goal. I use essential oils and supplements for most of my treatments, along with teaching you have to use breathing techniques and mindful body movements.

Consultations start at $45 and last an hour. This consultation does NOT include supplements or oils.

Over All Wellness Program

This program is for those wanting to maintain their health looking to use natural medicines.

With this program you will work one on one with me and I will help you create a heal regimen that fits your lifestyle, teach you have to use oils, body movement, and other things to keep you healthy.

Consultations start at $45 and do NOT include any oils or supplements. Initial consultations are an hour long.

Learn How to Use Essential Oils

Already use essential oils but what to gain more knowledge on essential oils? This program is for you!

This program is designed to teach you more in-depth knowledge about essential oils, how they work, and give you the confidants you need to use them successfully.

Through this program I will work one on one with you to teach you all you need to know to feel confident is using essential oils. This program is starts at $35 for an hour session and there are package deals available!